Alcohol Can Be Good--In Moderation

What about alcohol? As the saying goes: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. One small drink a day keeps the thoughts away. Studies show that people who drink in moderation (one to two ounces of alcohol a day) tend to live longer than those who drink more or who don't drink at all. Alcohol is good medicine only if you know how to use it in moderation


Words as Energizers

"Talking is a healthy human function. When we talk and express our thoughts we are automatically energizing our bodies. When we talk electricity flows into our body. It's like swallowing. During swallowing the food goes into the food pipe because the airway is closed. This is called deglutition reflex. We call the reflex that doesn't allow us to think electrocorporal reflex."


The Core of Wellness

"Proper performance requires proper understanding. The best understanding of all is love. We have to love nature, we have to love our brain, and we have to love our body if we want them to help us achieve the goal of wellness."


Protecting the Body

"It's time to wake up and realize the
the mistake that is being made.

The mind was the criminal and
the victim was the body.

It's time to wake up and correct
the mistake that is being made."


Stress As a Vicious Cycle

"Stress is an unavoidable effect of living. Life is a challenge. It always presents itself as a problem that requires a solution. The inability of the individual to provide solutions creates the vicious cycle of stress. He or she starts thinking, worrying and suffers mentally and physically, then starts thinking about his health. This cycle never ends."


The Danger of Stress

"Stress is a very serious disease. It is linked to all six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis and suicide."


Self-Expression Frees Us From Our Memories

"Whenever we have a memory in our mind and we continue to dwell on it, a memory movie is projected on our inner TV screen. If gone unchecked, this can be catastrophic habit. The brain is trying to send energy supplies to raise the energy level of the body's electrical circuit. However, our electrical supply was used to power our inner TV and play our memory movie. This causes electrical current to start flow through our unprotected brain circuits where it can burn and even kill many brain cells."